A Next Generation Approach To Running Scientific Workflows at Scale... Automatically

Spend less time and money on workflows and more on discovery.

Bioinformax's Next Generation Workflows simplify and automate the deployment of scientific workflows by combining Serverless Technology with Automated Triggers that we call Auts.

Industries Using Next Generation Workflows

How It Works - Adopting Next Generation Workflows

  1. Separate

    SeparateConvert your Traditional Workflow to a Next Generation Workflow by separating into individual steps
  2. Automate

    AutomateCreate customised Automated Triggers (Auts) for initiation of each step
  3. Innovate

    InnovateYour Next Generation Workflow runs and scales automatically, while you innovate elsewhere

Auts Connect Workflow Steps... Automatically

When [Scheduled Time]

Step 1 of Workflow automatically runs on scalable serverless infrastructure

When [File Uploaded]

Workflows Start Automatically

Auts are the triggers for Next Generation Workflows and they are customised to initiate workflows automatically in a way that is optimised for the user's processes.

Scale and Complete Workflows Automatically

Individual steps of Next Generation Workflows are automatically triggered and run on Serverless Infrastructure, making it possible to optimise infrastructure for each step of the workflow.

Simple Integration of Workflows with Customised Auts

Auts are customised for user processes. Examples of Auts include scheduling, running on new file discovery, manual triggers, and many more.

Traditional Workflows

Workflows are often one single large file

This leads to ineffectiveness in Workflow Management and longevity of the future, making maintenance a true pain for your team and leading to inefficiencies.

Workflows are often deployed manually on a cloud server or container

This uses precious time you and your team could be using for other processes, and also leaves vulnerability for human error, especially when running the same functions day after day.

All the steps of a workflow are run on the same infrastructure

This leaves no room for single-function optimisations, and will lead to incurring extra costs where you don't realise!

Next Generation Workflow

Next Generation Workflows separate steps into individual functions

Bioinformax's Workflows are implemented throughout multiple separate files, increasing the readability of workflows and ability for maintenance and also allowing for swifter creation of new Workflows.

Next Generation Workflows are connected by Auts and triggered automatically

Utilizing Bioinformax's Auts, you can specify a Workflow to set off running as soon as a specified trigger is activated!

Next Generation Workflow steps are deployed on automatically Scalable Serverless Infrastructure

This allows for larger functions to automatically grab the extra power they need. More importantly, this means that smaller functions don't acquire you extra hidden costs!

Serverless Security

Serverless... Securemore

Next Generation Workflow deployment removes a number of traditional application security concerns and simplifies security for users because those responsibilities are transferred to Bioinformax.

Bioinformax integrates automated application level security and monitoring with runtime security for individual functions. This additional layer of security is combined with least privilege access control so a workflow does no more and no less than it is designed to do helping organisations improve security and regulatory standards compliance.

Reduce Compute Costs

Choosing the Best Infrastructure for each step in your Workflow

In traditional workflows, all steps are run on the same infrastructure which is inefficient, ineffective and ends up costing more in wasted resources.

With Next Generation Workflows, each step of a workflow is run on separate, and optimised infrastructure and steps are connected by Auts, Bioinformax's automated triggers.

Serverless architecture demonstrated a 250X speed-up (with accompanying cost reduction) in all-against-all pairwise comparison of protein sequences when compared to traditional AWS deployment. Read article here.

Next Generation Workflow provide users the same significant cost savings over traditional scientific workflow deployments.

Simple Pricing Based on Usage

Next Generation Workflows run more efficiently than traditional workflows offering significant compute cost reductions. Our pricing is based on the number of Auts a workflow uses with discounts available for heavy users.

Visit our pricing page or contact us for more pricing details.

About Bioinformax

Our priority at Bioinformax is to make the lives of people who run scientific workflows simpler.

We do this with Next Generation Workflows by combining customised Automated Workflow Triggers called Auts, with Serverless Technology that costs nothing to run if nobody is using it. Next Generation Workflows free up time previously used for IT infrastructure management and shifts it to accelerate your discovery process, while also automating Workflow Scalability.

If you are a Science Company or Researcher and would like to know more about our Pilot Program or want to discuss adopting Next Generation Workflows, leave us a message and we will be in contact.

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