Science Data Transfer and Transformation Made Simple

SWAAGA (Science Workflow and API Aggregator Application) helps scientists automate machine data backup to AWS and simplify the use of any workflow using our API aggregation technology.


Scientists from Research and Industry in the Life, Physical, Earth and Space Sciences can utilize Bioinformax's SWAAGA to automate data transfer and transformation, leaving them more time and resources for discovery.

Automating Data Transfer for Archive and Transformation Using SWAAGA

Locally installed SWAAGA automates use of AWS DataSync, making transfer and management of science data fast, automated and secure. Why is using local triggers important for effective data transfer protocols?

Everyone has experienced forgetting everyday tasks. Forgetting where we place keys, to take lunch to work, to put dNTPs in the pcr reaction (or is that just me). Mostly these are not too problematic but forgetting other things, such as to transfer data or change the directory name, can cause problems.

SWAAGA is based on the concept of integrating local triggers with sophisticated data transfer programs. The integration ensures that data transfer management is error free. It integrates with AWS S3 to automate Intelligent Data Tiering, ensuring your data is available when you need it and that you pay the lowest possible price.

We are currently offering a limited number of free trials for SWAAGA. If you are interested, you can register for our free trial here.

Scientific Data Transformation Using SWAAGA

SWAAGA is designed for increased flexibility in science data transformation.

Other workflow applications and providers are invariably limited to a single workflow language. This works for the one-off analysis. But when you want to use a different workflow the scientists either must create a new workflow in the original language or move all the data to another platform, which becomes an intractable problem as the amount of data increases.

SWAAGA is designed to ensure any publicly available workflow can be used without moving your data. The workflow and API aggregator integrates automated triggers so users can fully automate any kind of scientific workflow.

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